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Naotic celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Some years matter
more than others...

follow below 
these 10 years of stories
and great adventures!

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Word from the team

We all know that, there are years that matter more than others, more important milestones, moments that remain etched in our eyes and sometimes in our hearts. 2022 is a really special year for Naotic, because we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. 


Ten years already! When we created this company in the summer of 2012 as part of a project to save our jobs, we were far from believing that we were going to manage to build a solid company, offering an innovative offer and made up of such a rich and diverse. We just dreamed of it!


These ten years have been marked by many important milestones. The achievement of each of these points would not have been possible without the great team of Naotic employees, who are undoubtedly our greatest pride!


Our eyes are now on the future, because Naotic is already working to prepare for 2032. Our cases, trolleys, lockers and cabinets are already ready to accommodate and charge the devices of today and those of tomorrow, such as the devices of virtual reality or augmented reality.


Our products are now connected and communicating thanks to new features such as Smartypower or the Aliaconnect cloud service, which will very quickly make it possible to offer new services to users, companies and communities.


Useful technologies, as we defined when we created the company ten years ago.

To celebrate this decade, the entire Naotic team wanted to share with you the milestones that this company has experienced over the past 10 years!

The Naotic team.

Discover our story!

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