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Naotic and LE BELEM 

a partnership that is on course!

Since 2017 Naotic has been a partner of the Belem Foundation and a member of the Cercle Nantes Entreprises Belem.

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"At Naotic, the entire team is extremely proud to be able to be associated with this great adventure and the enhancement of this monument of France's maritime heritage."

Discover the story with Naotic...

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The Belem's and Nantes' history are intemately linked. This magnificent three-masted shipis the last of the great French merchant ships of the 19th century strill sailing. It is an integral part of the city's panorama during its stopovers. 

Naotic is honoured to be one ofthe Belem Foundation's partners since2017. For us, this is a form of concrete action in a corporate citizenship logic. It allow us to assert our regional roots in a social, cultural and economic field. 


The Belem Foundation, in addition to its mission of preserving hertiage and know-how, has the task of welcoming visitors when the ship is docked. 

During the periods of navigation, it proposes the experimentation of the life at sea of a sailor of the 19th century with the modern safety conditions.


The partnership with Naotic began with the implementation og augmented reality tour on tablets for visitors on the ship.


The objective of this innovative project is to allow 50,000 annual visitors to access additional and original information (augmented relity, films, images, commentaries, etc.) throughout the journey on board. 

The Belem Foundation called on Naotic's expertise to implement a solution adapted to both the technical and logistical constraints posed by the use of a fleet of tablets on board. 

It is a Naocase M500 that will now follow the crew on their round-the-world travels!

Naotic aboard the Belem...


Some members of the Naotic team had the privilege of participating in several events and a trip up the Loire River aboard the Belem. We share with you below some pictures taken on these occasions. 

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