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Call for projects
Digital base in

elementary schools

Your project is selected?
Prepare your deployment with Naotic!

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The 3 things to remember
and the list of winners!

105 million euros

This is the amount of the state's investment in this call for projects for a digital base in elementary schools in 2021. 

7,740 municipalities

more than 10,000 schools and more than 60,000 classes will be equipped!

Proof of great success with communities!

6,819 files

have been validated to date, i.e. 95% of the files submitted. A second wave of selection is planned soon.

A reliable solution to finalize your files


You are a town hall and are looking for a mobile classroom solution made in France to finalize your file?

Are you an IT partner and need a reliable and quickly delivered solution?

Your project is selected?
Prepare for your deploymentwith Naotic
Preparing for deployment is an essential step in the success of the project. Validation of the solutions retained, anticipation of orders, planning of deliveries, preparation of installations: contact Naotic or your Naotic reseller for a smooth implementation.

Discover the list of selected schools!

Ancre 1
Picto Tablette.png
Picto Tablette.png
Picto Tablette.png

Mobile Class Solutions of tablets 

Picto PC portable bleu.png
Picto PC portable bleu.png
Picto PC portable bleu.png

Mobile Class Solutions laptops

Pack Tablettes
Groupe ecoliers tablettes table

Mobile classroom solutions

Secure, recharge and distribute your school's tablets 

Find a transport trunk or a cabinet with transport bags to manage your equipment fleet of 10, 12 or 15 tablets.

For 10 tablets

Tabicase ST1-trolley_1.png

Charging Backpack
Ultra light / Trolley

montage 1_1.png

Ultra-mobile charging locker / Trolley

Tabibox WT1 avec sac ouvert.png

Charging locker
with carrying bag

For 12/15  tablets

M400 3-4 pc-borne_1.png

Suitcase / Large capacity transport trunk / Trolley

WT2 2020 - Sacs.png

Versatile Charging Cabinet with carrying bags

In every school, digital is practiced differently:
choose solutions adapted to your uses!

Picto QCM - questionnaire - bleu.png

Benefit from expert support to make your project a success

Picto suivi bleu_1.png

Find solutions adapted to your uses and your school

Picto compatible CARMO socle numérique.p

Implement solutions that meet standards

With Naotic you are in contact with a specialized French manufacturer and its network of regional partners.
Solid support close to you to define the best solutions for your mobile class and above all to make them work in the best conditions!

Naotic solutions are designed to store, recharge, transport and secure mobile digital devices in the classroom... or outside!

Our mobile classrooms, certified to safety standards and suitable for educational use, are used daily in several thousand classrooms!

Naotic trunks, mobile furniture and classroom management software comply with the CARMO standard.

Naotic products are subject to IEC EN 62368-1 certification carried out by an independent body: safe and reliable solutions over time!


Mobile classroom solutions
portable or ultra-portable PCs

​ Move and charge ultra-portable computers or laptops at the place of use

Store, charge and transport your laptops with our range of mobile furniture designed to enable distribution and stand-alone use in every classroom.

Pack Ordinateurs

For 10, 12 or 15 computers

Naocart-S1-01 DET.png

Mobile cabinet / Trolley with foam reception area for laptops

Tabicart S2 ouvert 02_2.png

Mobile cabinet / trolley 
withcarrying bags 
for ultra-portable computers

WT2 2020 - Sacs.png

Versatile Charging Cabinet with laptop carrying bags

Set up and monitor the educational activity

Manage content on mobile devices

Naotic offers a full range of classroom management software to design and track activities, send documents and collect work, assess student progress...

Pictolicence flottante fond.png

Available in floating license version

Pictoconnexion device bleu.png

Optimized for mobile devices and WiFi

Picto compatible CARMO.png

Compatible with the CARMO reference frame

Discover IxiLab in video
Infos Appel à projes socle numérique
Groupe classe tablettes 02.jpg

Where is the call for projects?
for a Digital Base
in elementary schools?

AAP Socle Numerique - Capture page MEN.p
logo France Relance.png

What is the scope of the project?


The call for projects for a Digital Base aims toreduce educational inequalitiesandfight against the digital divide.

The aim is to promote thedigital transformationwithin elementary schools by helping municipalities in their equipment project.

Who is concerned ?

All elementary schools that have not yet reached the basic digital base.

What is the amount of state aid?

  • For the equipment and networks component, the subsidizable amount is €3,500 per class

  • The grant covers 50% to 70% of the expense incurred


What equipment is involved?

  • Computer hardware and network equipment

  • Digital services and resources

  • Getting started support 

The projects are co-constructed by thelocal authoritiesand theacademic teaching teams, and had to be filed beforeMarch 31, 2021.

The Ministry of National Education has made available a platform allowing applications to be submitted under the best conditions.

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