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& connected cases

To transport, secure and charge 
mobile devices fleets

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Ultra-mobile solutions
for mobile devices

Compact and resistant transport cases
for mobile devices

Naotic offers a complete range of connected luggage / secure mobile digital classrooms facilitating the transport, charging, intégration and distribution of all types of mobile devices:

  • smartphones

  • digital readers

  • tablets

  • hybrid computers

  • laptops

  • Payment terminals

  • VR headsets...

​Tailor-made study possible
for other types of devices

Mobile bags and lockers
Ultra-mobile solutions

Sac a dos & casier connctés
Tabicase ST1

USB-A & C-compatible!


Tabicase® ST1

Hyper-mobile and modular backpack for transporting and charging up to 10 tablets

  • 3 carrying modes: handle - trolley - backpack

  • 2 storage areas with slots for 10 tablets with covers

  • Tabipower® fast and smart USB charging 

Tabicase MT1

USB-A & C-compatible!

Tabicase MT1

Tabicase® MT1

Modular mobile case for securing, recharging

and transporting tablets, or VR headsets fleets

  • 2 carrying modes: handles - trolley

  • 2 modular storage areas for 10 tablets with covers or 5 tablets & accessories

  • Storage slots (optional)

  • Tabipower® fast and smart USB charging 




USB-A & C-compatible!

Tabicase® MP1

A mobile case for recharging
6 laptop
s or 4 VR headsets

  • 2 carrying modes: handle - trolley 

  • 2 modular storage areas with slots for
    3 laptops or 2 VR headsets

  • 2 versions: electrical charging by power strip or Tabipower® fast and smart USB charging

Naocase® 400 & 500 series
Compact and robust transport cases


USB-A & C-compatible!

Naocase M400

Naocase® M400

Compact and lightweight transporting and charging case for tablets with covers or ultra-portables, wifi terminal and laptop slot

  • Stores up to 16 tablets with cover

  • Visualisation of charge level of each tablet (USB)

  • WiFi terminal slot

  • Easy access to Wi-Fi cut-off and RJ45 port

  • Dedicated area to store and secure a laptop

  • Smartypower® controlled electrical charge or Tabipower® smart fast USB charge 

USB-A & C-compatible!

Naocase M500

Naocase® M500

Robust and compact transport case :

  • up to 16 tablets / ultra-portables with covers

  • or 9 laptops 15.6"

  • or 8 virtual reality headsets

  • Visualisation of charge level of each tablet (USB)

  • Easy access to Wi-Fi cut-off and RJ45 port

  • Smartypower® controlled electrical charge or Tabipower® smart fast USB charge

The Naotic offer 
key strengths

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Naotic bags, and mobile cases allow the integration of most mobile device formats.

  • Laptops, hybrids and Chromebooks

  • iPad and Android tablets

  • Digital readers

  • smartphones

  • Suitable for devices with covers or cases


Naotic solutions are compatible with all mobile device standards on the market.

The charging technologies developed by Naotic meet the standards used by the major players in the IT market.
Naotic is constantly working with the largest manufacturers in order to validate the compatibility of its products.

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Dedicated foam slots or universal slots? Naotic offers you several ways to integrate your devices into a connected case.

Depending on the type of Naotic connected case you choose, you can opt for maximum integration and protection with foam solutions, or prefer the flexibility and versatility of universal slots. 

PICTO charge prise  - USB.jpg

Naotic develops its own charging technologies to ensure maximum efficiency on all devices.


  • Charging via plug-in units

  • Smart charging via USB with Tabipower® technology

Tabipower® smart USB charging technology provides for each device:

  • the right charging power

  • fast charging

  • an automatic charge cut-off

  • preserved batteries

  • a longer life span

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Do you use specific digital devices or need a specific adaptation of our solutions?


Naotic has the know-how to adapt its existing solutions or design a tailor-made solution perfectly adapted to your uses:

  • Conception & Design

  • Electronic development

  • Software development

  • Industrial manufacturing (carpentry, sheet metal, foam, etc.)

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Naotic designs and manufactures its solutions in France. This translates into tangible benefits for our customers.

  • Control of manufacturing processes and costs

  • Short lead times

  • Customisable products

  • An attractive and market-oriented design

  • A high level quality in the manufacture of products

  • Reduced transport costs and environmental impact

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