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Third Places

New spaces for working together

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Coworking spaces, Fablabs, Makerspace, Living Labs... are all new workspaces that promote

collaborative activities

and make massive use of digital technologies.

Naotic's mission is to offer effective solutions to secure, recharge and facilitate the distribution of digital devices in all types of workspaces. A wide and ideal choice to adapt to current uses in your third place and to the devices used in the context of your activities.

  • smartphones, 

  • tablets,

  • laptops,

  • virtual reality headsets

​Tailor-made study possible
for other types of devices such as:

  • educational robots,

  • other mobile digital devices

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tabibox WT 1 tablettes 3-4 gauche_1_1_1.

Secure, recharge and distribute mobile device fleets

Provide individual security and charging solutions
for devices 

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Transport and charge mobile devices at the point of use

Charging lockers & cabinets 
for a shared use

Armoire tablette musee

Secure, charge and distribute mobile devices

in public areas.

Naotic offers a complete range of lockers and cabinets to secure, charge and distribute smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices in third places.

From a small locker to charge 10 tablets to a security and charging solution for dozens of devices, Naotic will be able to offer you a solution, even a customised one, if your needs are specific.

Charging lockers & cabinets
for an individual use

Ancre 1

Offer solutions for securing, recharging or providing mobile devices ​in Third Places.

Workplaces and collaborations may require solutions to secure and charge the mobile devices of site users.

On the other hand, these same spaces may want to make available, in a controlled and secure manner, fleets of digital devices to enable the activities implementation in the Third-Place.

In both cases, Tabisafe® and Aliabox® cabinets are ideal solutions to meet these needs.

Charging cases & carts
for use on the move

Valise tablette musee

​Move and charge mobile devices 
at the point of use

The many digital taking place in Third Places often require devices to be taken to places of use scattered throughout a site and sometimes even outside the site.
With Naotic's mobile connected locker, case or cart solutions, each room in your building or every external  point of use can easily become places of digital use.


They called on Naotic's expertise

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