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Innovative digital schools

  • Better define your equipmentwith an expert?

  • Find a partner LOCAL near you?

Naotic and its network of regional partners support you in your

project for an innovative digital school!

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Are you putting together a file for your school numérique innovante ?

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Benefit from expert support to make your project a success

With Naotic you are in contact with a specialized French manufacturer and its network of regional partners.


Solid support close to you to define the best solutions for your school and especially les  to operate in the best conditions!

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Find solutions adapted to your uses and your school

Naotic solutions are designed to optimize and secure the use of mobile digital devices in the classroom... or outside!

  • smartphones, 

  • tablets,

  • laptop,

  • VR headsets, robots...

Do not hesitate to contact our team who will advise you on the most suitable Naotic solutions for your uses and will guide you to our closest partners.


Secure, recharge and distributemobile devices

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Move and charge mobile devices where they are used

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Animate the class  

To sychronize  content on mobile devices

Lockers & charging cabinets

Casiers et armoires
Eleves avec tablettes - fond trio WT1_1.

Secure, recharge and distributemobile devices​ in classrooms

Naotic offers a full range of lockers and cabinets to secure, charge, distribute smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in classrooms.

From the small locker to recharge 10 tablets to the security solution  and recharging for several hundred devices, Naotic will be able to offer you a solution, including tailor-made if your needs are specific.

Suitcases & charging carts

Valises et chariots

​Move and charge mobile devices 

at the place of use

The use of mobile devices in a rural school often requires bringing the devices to the place of use and sometimes even to several sites.


With Naotic's mobile locker, suitcase or connected trolley solutions, bringing a set of fully functional tablets to a classroom or school in the neighboring town becomes easier!

Educational animation software

& content management

Groupe eleve IxiLab premier plan_1 rec.j

Set up and monitor the educational activity

Sync apps

and content on mobile devices

Naotic offers a full range of classroom management software to design and track activities, send documents and collect work, assess student progress...

Another important aspect is being able to easily manage the applications and content present on the tablets. That's why that Naotic has developed IxiApps, the ideal synchronization software for small fleets of Android tablets!

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