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Education & Public entities 

Naotic's expertise helps your innovative projects and educational efficiency!

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"Naotic invents solutions, for you and with you, that ensure the efficient use of digital devices in classrooms. "

Pioneer in the field of mobile classrooms, innovative player in smart USB charging technologies and publisher classroom management software, Naotic offers a wide range of products designed to meet the requirements of learning environments:

  • stations & cabinets for centralized charging points

  • carts for moving devices between rooms

  • bags and cases for greater mobility, even outside the school!

  • USB charging solutions that preserve the lifetime of your tablets

  • classroom management software for teaching with tablets and laptops

Connected luggage & carts

MT1 USB-C 3-4 fermé trolley haut (2)_1.png
M400 3-4 pc-borne_1.png

Bags and cases

for tablets and laptops

P1004128 détouré.png
Tabicart S2 ouvert 02_2.png

Connected carts 

for tablets and laptops

Connected cabinets & lockers

WT2 face ouvert rempli mixte tablette-sa
FS1 - Fermé - Vue 3-4 droit.png

Lockers and cabinets for smartphones, tablets and laptops

Aliabox Proto 3 Quart.png

Cabinets with individual lockers for smartphones, tablets and laptops

Controlled electric charging
USB smart charging


Smart charging USB-A & USB-C hub

for mobile devices

Smartypower 3-4 LEDs.png

Connected charge control box for power strips

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