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Naotic expertise at the service
of your employees' productivity
and working comfort!

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"Businesses today are becoming digital. Naotic helps you cope with the evolution of work tools and the increasing use of digital devices."

Naotic helps you to make digital integration a competitive advantage and ensures that your employees are comfortable at work. Our range of products makes your devices available at all times, in the best conditions, while increasing their durability: 

Innovative solutions to improve

your productivity

  • stations and cabinets for centralized charging points

  • carts for movement between places of use

  • bags and cases for more mobility, even at your customer offices!

  • USB charging solutions to preserve your mobile devices

Products that are truly adapted

to your needs

At Naotic, the design approach is focused on the uses and needs of our customers.This path allows us to adapt our products by making them evolve and to offer specific solutions to our customers.


Specific needs?

Connected luggage
& carts

MT1 USB-C 3-4 fermé trolley haut (2)_1.png
M400 3-4 pc-borne_1.png

Bags and cases

for tablets and laptops

P1004128 détouré.png
Tabicart S2 ouvert 02_2.png

Connected carts 

for tablets and laptops

Connected cabinets
& lockers

WT2 face ouvert rempli mixte tablette-sa
FS1 - Fermé - Vue 3-4 droit.png

Lockers and cabinets for smartphones, tablets and laptops

Aliabox Proto 3 Quart.png

Cabinets with individual lockers for smartphones, tablets and laptops

Controlled electric charging
USB smart charging


Smart charging USB-A & USB-C hub

for mobile devices

Smartypower 3-4 LEDs.png

Connected charge control box for power strips

Industry - Services - Transport - Retail - Hotel
They called on Naotic's expertise

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