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Here is9 good reasons
to choose Naotic!

"At Naotic, we design our products in collaboration with our customers and industrial partners with a single goal: to offer reliable products that meet the needs of users."

Tabipower A10 & Tab - 01_1.png



We have, for example, developed in France, in 2012, the Tabipower® technology which allows the intelligent charging of large numbers of devices and preserves the life of the batteries...

Tabicase ST1 Exterieur 01_1.jpg



... or even reinvented with our customers, in 2016, the mobility of tablet fleets with the range of Tabicase® carrying bags, which multiplies the possibilities of use, in all environments.

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We decided, from our creation, to design all our products with our designer so that they are beautiful and functional while controlling costs.

mousse naoCase 300_2.png



Naotic has invested in research to lighten the weight and reduce the dimensions of our solutions with innovative materials and processes such as the Naotic Flexichannel® system.

Garantie 5 ans logo.png

5 year warranty


At Naotic, we have chosen the solidity and durability of the products. The selection of quality materials and the reliability of the design of our products allow them to be guaranteed for 5 years.

Our vision of quality

Made in France


We design and manufacture our products in France to promote employment and offer high quality production as soon as possible.

naoCase M300 - Tabipower - fabrication_1



Our team of technical experts masters all aspects of the process: design, carpentry, metalwork, foam, electricity, electronics, software, etc. We ensure the entire design of our products.

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Respect for



All Naotic solutions undergo rigorous testing by an independent certifying body and result in EN-62368-1 certification.

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Network of approved partners


The Naotic offer is distributed by a national network of approved reseller partners who are experts in their sector of activity.

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