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Smart and connected Charge

For fast and safe charging your mobile devices!


Connected remote charge control hub

Tabipower C10 Dual®

Smart and fast charging USB-C hub


The controlled and connected charge



Connected remote charge control hub.

State-of-the-art technology for greater security
and preservation of your devices! 

With Smartypower®, Naotic has developed an innovative technology to control the charging of devices very precisely and easily. 

Available in all Naotic solutions and as an option for USB charging solutions with Tabipower® hubs. 

The advantages of Smartypower technology!

Every Naotic solution with Smartypower becomes a connected object!

Saving time and optimising the management of one or more Naotic solutions is ensured thanks to the remote control of all the hub's functions via a mobile app. 

Service cloud smartphone bleu.png
Economie d'énergie

Total control of energy consumption and preservation of device batteries by limiting charging time. 

Planification de la charge

Optimisation of energy consumption is also possible with the scheduling of device charging times. 

Gestion du wifi

Total control of Wifi to ensure compliance with standards. Smartypower enables simple and effective management of Wifi availability. 

Picto securite USB 2.png

Your devices and installations are protected by the soft-start system and the overvoltage protection. 

USB smart charging hub

Boitiers USB de charge
Tabipower C10 Dual

Tabipower® C10 DUAL

Next generation USB-C smart charging hub for 10 mobile devices: smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Discover the Dual mode!

  • Dual USB-C / USB-A connectors

  • 2 charging protocols: Power Delivery and Quick Charge

  • 45W max power per port

  • Scalable up to 40 devices simultaneously.

  • Coloured LEDs to indicate the charging statuq of each device

  • Fast and smart charging, automatic stop of the charge for each connected device

  • Self-regulated ventilation system

  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection

Why choose Naotic smart USB charging?

With Tabipower® USB technology, your devices are protected, charging is faster, you save energy, the batteries are preserved and your devices have a longer life!

Picto detection tension dégradé.png

The charging needs of each connected device are detected automatically: the charge is adjusted to the best intensity.

Picto securite USB 1.png

The charging process is progressive and there is a safety against overvoltage: your devices and the electrical installation are protected

Charge rapide bicolore.png

Charging is faster and takes place at the optimum power of the devices: your tablets are available in very short time.


LEDs indicate wether the devices are charged. Charging is stopped automatically for each device: no overcharging or micro-charging of the batteries. 

Did you know ?

Charge your devices even faster! 


Tabipower® C10 Dual provides more power to Quick Charge (for USB-A ports) or Power Delivery (for USB-C ports) compatible devices without overcharging the batteries. 


With Tabipower® technology, your devices can be charged up to 80% in less than 35 minutes in the safest conditions!

Picto comparatif charge rapide 1 blanc.png

Standard charger

Picto comparatif charge rapide 2 blanc.png

Tabipower Naotic 

with Power Delivery compatible device

Picto comparatif charge rapide 3 blanc.png

Tabipower Naotic 

with Quick Charge compatible device

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