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dealerNaotic approved?

Naotic exclusively markets its solutions
through a network of specialist retailers.

Naotic offers an offer adapted to the market, attractive pricing, permanent support at the commercial, technical and marketing level.

Do you want to distribute Naotic products?

A real equipment market

Formed around the digital school sector  and fleet integration of mobile devices.


Proposing the Naotic offer is a real opportunity to develop your business.

A complete offer

and attractive

Naotic designs and manufactures high-performance, affordable products in France, suitable for education, training,

to communitiesand businesses.

Mobile classrooms, classroom management software, smart charging and data synchronization solutions...

The Naotic offer is particularly complete!

Volume and added value

Naotic solutions are deployed in large markets.

They also allow the implementation of your technical expertise.


With Naotic you position yourself on volume and value-added markets.

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Such. +33 (0) 2 28 07 60 00

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