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Connected cartsNaocard®

New design


The range of Naoc connected trolleysart®

gets a makeover to bring even more services!

Naotic has made a major update to its Naocart range®.
On the program a new design, new colors and increased compatibility with USB-C devices and VR headsets.

A new design to optimize

even more use of your

Naocart connected trolley®.

With softened curves, the new Naocart® trolleys have a more neutral design to adapt to any interior and feature even more rounded edges to protect users.

The handles have a new design to make it easier to grip and improve the overall grip and handling.

Increased compatibility with USB-C devices: ready for future protocols!

The new Naocart® 2020 can be equipped with the new generation of Tabipower® C10 Dual smart charging USB boxes.

This case is the new technological heart of Naotic recharging solutions. Capable of charging devices requiring up to 45 W of power, it will promote the transition with the arrival of new USB-C connectors on mobile devices.
Tabipower® C10 Dual has dual connectors USB-A and USB-C. In addition, it will natively support the two new Power Delivery and Quick Charge charging protocols.

Tabipower projt 1.122422.png
Utilisateur VR 03 avec naoCart S1_1.png

Ready for virtual reality:

possibility of integrationfleets 

of VR headsets.

The integration technology with custom-cut foam blocks used for the naoCart® range makes it possible to design housings specifically adapted to VR headsets.

This approach makes it possible to move, secure and charge large numbers of VR headsets and the necessary accessories.

Coloris naoCart 2020.png

New colors to suit all typesusers and interiors.

Naocart® connected carts are used in many sectors of activity. Whether in a service company, a health establishment or a school, new colors have been selected to adapt to many universes:

  • The mouse gray and glacier white colors bring the modernism and neutrality necessary to integrate everywhere.

  • The touch of Oak Vincenza brings the warmth of wood and its timeless design aspect.

  • The red-orange handles enhance the whole with bright and cheerful colors while remaining discreet.

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