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Dear customers, dear partners,


Following the new government announcements, we would like to inform you that the entire Naotic team is mobilized and continues to support you during this period.

We have adapted our organization to provide you with the support and service you need.

All our teams are 100% operational, on our premises or remotely, to respond to your requests.

  • Safety measures sanitaire for our employees, partners and customers are in place

  • We offer tools and resources to help you continue your projectsand complete your process with Naotic

  • Our production capacity is fully operational

  • Stocks are constituted and available to meet your needs 

You will find below some tools put in place to support you in your projects with Naotic.

Do not hesitate to contact us about this.

Think about securing and recharging your digital devices!


Remember to buy a local manufacture like that of Naotic,

It's good for the economy and for the planet!


Together, let's continue to advance your projects.

Take care of yourself, protect others!

The Naotic team

Tools to continue

activity together!

Les outils de suppot
Picto suivi bleu_1.png
All your requests are processed
We can be reached by phone or email at the usual hours. 
Picto support telephone.png
All our services are here for you
Your requests for information and support can be handled by phone, email, chat or videoconference throughout France.
Picto visioconference.png
Tools to pursue your projects
We organize appointments and remote showroom visits by videoconference, for this we have our own virtual meeting room.
Picto ACTIVITE.png
The activity continues with the support and the Naotic offer
Everything is in place to continue  your projects and have continuity with you, see a development of activity!
Technical support available
The technical service remains available and ready to help you. Contact us for any request for information or support.
Picto stock.png
Production capacity
100% operational
We have inventory ready to ship and our production capacity is fully operational.
Picto commande.png
If possible anticipate
your commands
Your orders placed are taken into account and planned. For those to come, remember to anticipate them as much as possible to allow a good fluidity of production and delivery.

Our support teams are 100% operational

and availableto answer all your requests :


Commercial 02 28 07 09 02

Logistics 02 28 07 09 06

Technical 02 28 07 09 05 06 33 01 99 18

Accounting 02 28 07 09 04

We wish you the best of times!

The Naotic team

Les contacs


Useful informationCoronavirus


The government requested that the relevant information relating to thesituation COVID-19be relayed to the maximum.

Logo gouvernement.png

All official and up-to-date information on the situation. Download the official certificates, find answers to your questions.

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