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Naotic upgrades the security level of its solutions

Security is not an option at Naotic! 


Indeed, the devices security is one of the essential characteristics of our products. The code locks fitted to a large part of our solutions now have 4-digit combinations for greater security. 

You will find below all the advantages of code locks associated with a 4-digit combination on Naotic solutions.

In order to allow different uses and adapted to all needs, the individual locker cabinets of the Tabisafe® range offer a choice between the  fixed codes locks or free codes locks

Benefits of
code locks

The differences between fixed codes and free codes

The benefits of code locks 


The first advantage is obvious, you will no longer need a key!

Your key ring will be lighter and you will no longer have to manage this point. Other benefits: 

  • No physical key management,

  • No loss of keys,

  • No need to manage duplicate keys and the duplications which can be costly

  • No need to change the lock if you forget the code, the code is modified,

  • Easier handling for user. 

A more advanced level of security than with a traditional lock or a 3-digit code lock. 

Naotic has increased the security level of its code locks by switching to 4 digits code locks. This brings several other advantages: 

  • The 4-digit numbers are those between 0000 and 9,999: 10,000 possible combinations. This gives 66% more possibilities

  • 4-digit codes are easier to generate and remember than 3-digits codes. 

    • These types of codes are commonly used in other applications such as for example the PIN code of one's telephone or the code of one's bank card.

    • 4-digit codes make it easier to create date-based codes (e.g. MM/YY).

SAFETY TIP: Remember that for better security, it is necessary to change your code regularly, as with any security code, every two months for example.


The differences between fixed codes and free codes

Fixes ou libres
Fixed code lock

For lockers assigned to one person or a restricted group of people (for collective carts and cabinets)

Available for the following products: 

Serrure 4 digits modifiée_1.png
Free code lock

For unassigned lockers, the locker is self-service with use by several people.

Only available for the range of individual locker cabinets: range Tabisafe®

Picto clé.png

To facilitate management, Naotic provides administrators with a pass key that will make up for any forgotten codes or user changes. 

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